Welcome to the 82nd CASCWA State Conference:  Student Success By Design
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Johnny Kouri

Scribbles Software, LLC
Western Region Account Manager
Our team is highly experienced and committed. We work well together because our talents complement each other, our values are similar, and we are friends.

We have over a decade of success together. A few years ago, we decided that there was a better way to build, market, and implement useful software for school districts. With that notion in mind, the Scribbles Software model of providing free, revenue generating, productivity software was put in motion.

Our software solutions provide a much needed service to the districts’ students, teachers, and community. Our solutions also help the district organize itself, manage incoming revenues, and create an enterprise lifecycle plan surrounding all student and human resource document processing functions.

We love our jobs.  Our solutions are great for students, employees, and the community.  Our model is rewarding for the district. Its a WIN-WIN-WIN!