Welcome to the 82nd CASCWA State Conference:  Student Success By Design
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Jennifer Johnson

Trauma can have a direct, immediate, and potentially overwhelming impact on the ability of a child to learn. Yet, this issue has largely been ignored by our education system. Educators can begin to understand the role of trauma, its effect on children and learning, and how educators can change methods of interacting and responding to children impacted by trauma. By adopting a trauma-informed approach, schools undertake a paradigm shift at the staff and organizational level to recognize, understand and address the learning needs of children impacted by trauma. This requires a commitment to shaping school culture, practices, and policies to be sensitive to the needs of traumatized learners. This effort positively impacts schools and changes the life-trajectory of vulnerable students.   Jennifer will present an extended session for educators and law enforcement to help them understand the effects of trauma and practical ways that support students and turn the traumatic experience into a growth opportunity.